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The audience enters a journey through darkness and light in seven chapters.

Visitors move through the exhibits and interact with the objects, sound, light and surrounding space. In this way, everyone experiences the exhibition uniquely. For a series of moments the fast pace of everyday life gives way to meditative, hypnotic power of light, motion and sound.


The exhibition is a living organism that will evolve and transform over time, illuminating the darkness of the exhibition spaces in new and varied ways. DARK MATTER remains ethereal and always in motion, a vision that only takes shape for brief moments.


LIQUID SKY consists of over 800 individual light points which together form a coherent surface. The additional mirroring of the entire room creates an endless light horizon that sparkles like a starry sky.

INVERSE combines 169 moving black spherical objects into a seemingly living entity. Monochromatic, sometimes threatening in its appearance, the ensemble presents  in silhouette against the bright background. 


CIRCULAR is a hypnotic ballet of three rings of light that perform a weightless dance in the void of darkness. In harmony with the electronic score, they find themselves in a continuous interplay of unity and independence. 

This installation uses modern technology to simulate an archaic institution - The Bonfire. Digital technology creates the illusion of sitting together with friends around a campfire under a starry sky. 


POLYGON PLAYGROUND translates a computer-generated object into real space. A seamless 360-degree projection covers the surface like a digital skin that reacts to the visitor's movements via sensors.

GRID combines kinetic motion, light and electronic music  to create a giant audiovisual sculpture that hovers above the audience. The audiovisual installation symbolizes the merging of the digital and physical world. GRID is enduring and fleeting at the same time.


A household ladder extended with sensors turns into a real musical instrument. The ordinary ladder becomes a TONE LADDER. If you step on a rung or touch it with your hand, a sound or rhythm is created that varies from step to step.

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