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CIRCULAR is a hypnotic ballet of three rings of light that perform a weightless dance in the void of darkness.

Held in suspension by an unknown force, this perfect trio conveys a feeling of freedom and connectedness. The three mechanical actors find themselves in a continuous interplay of unity and independence.


The rings stand as symbols for endlessness and perfection. In harmony with the electronic score, the pulsating light animations and elegant movements create a calming meditative mood.


CIRCULAR also forms the third and final installation of the "triptych" of light installations in the first exhibition hall, which follow a common soundtrack by Boris Acket.


Artist: Christopher Bauder
Music & Sound Design: Boris Acket
Production: WHITEvoid
Motorized Lighting Systems & Software: KINETIC LIGHTS

Photos: Ralph Larmann

Video: Gerrit Piechowski / Frank Sauer

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