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LIQUID SKY consists of over 800 individual light points which together form a coherent surface.

The additional mirroring of the entire room creates an endless light horizon that sparkles like a starry sky or seems to glitter like a river surface in sunlight. 


Both the three-dimensional surface and the light animations are the result of complex computer simulations that imitate forms and movements from nature. Continuous algorithmic variations create a sky of "liquid" light.


The first three installations of the exhibition (LIQUID SKY, INVERSE, CIRCULAR) are accompanied as a triptych by the 8-channel soundtrack composed by the Dutch sound designer Boris Acket. The sounds move from room to room and connect the three installations like abstract living beings communicating with each other.


Artist: Christopher Bauder

Music & Sound Design: Boris Acket

Production: WHITEvoid


Photos: Ralph Larmann

Video: Gerrit Piechowski / Frank Sauer

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