Christopher Bauder is light artist, designer and CEO at the same time.

Christopher Bauder (*1973) is the Creative Director of design studio WHITEvoid, which he founded after completing his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. In addition to his managerial role, he is ever furthering his career and passion as a light and media artist across the world. Bauder is also the founder and Managing Director of the innovative lighting technology manufacturer KINETIC LIGHTS.

Above all else, Bauder is best known for his expansive light art installations. In 2014 along with his brother Marc, he was responsible for the project LICHTGRENZE. The extensive outdoor installation was realized as part of the fall of the Berlin Wall’s 25th anniversary, and stretched over 15 km along the wall’s former route. In total, almost 8,000 balloon steles were specially developed and manufactured for the occasion by Christopher Bauder and his studio WHITEvoid.

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Christopher Bauder, WHITEvoid, and KINETIC LIGHTS have already exhibited their installations and performances in many places around the world, including at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, MUTEK Festival Montreal, CTM and Transmediale Berlin, Festival of Lights Lyon, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. His latest project SKALAR, conceived alongside music producer Kangding Ray, has already received more than 200,000 visitors in Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Mexico City.


The WHITEvoid studio works at the intersection between design and technology.

The creative team consists of specialists in lighting, product, and interior design, as well as electrical engineering, mechatronics, and media. The work is focused on translating the digital into the physical, from bits and bytes into real space. The installation components, along with the sound and light elements, interact with one another and the public, to form the foundation of the studio’s developments.

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The expertise and combined collective work of 30 employees create these complex visual worlds. Computer-aided design and algorithms, along with the latest technical innovations, have formed the basis of a completely new media and event technology.


Light in its many forms and facets act as the guiding theme in all WHITEvoid's works. Hence, the theme of light becomes the common thread that ties the seven light-installation rooms within the DARK MATTER exhibition.


WHITEvoid's installations and products can also be seen in museums, exhibitions, fairs, festivals and concerts around the world, many of which have been awarded national and international prizes.