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A household ladder extended with sensors turns into a real musical instrument. The ordinary ladder becomes a TONE LADDER.

If you step on a rung or touch it with your hand, a sound or rhythm is created that varies from step to step. An individual piece of music is created by climbing up and down or by touching several rungs of the TONE LADDER at the same time. Whether in pairs as a duet or with several people - a whole band is quickly formed.

Each sound played simultaneously triggers an associated light animation. The interaction of the visitors with each other and the TONE LADDER creates a new audiovisual live concert again and again.

The TONE LADDER is the first interactive work by Christopher Bauder, which he created while studying at the Berlin University of the Arts almost 20 years ago.


Artist: Christopher Bauder
Music: Gianluigi D'Autilia / Christopher Bauder
Production: WHITEvoid

Photos: Ralph Larmann / WHITEvoid

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