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This installation uses modern technology to simulate an archaic institution - the Bonfire. 

Digital technology creates the illusion of sitting together with friends around a campfire under a starry sky. A memory, which surely everyone shares. You can almost feel the warmth of the digital flames. For a moment one is reminded of the deeply rooted longing for shared experiences in and with nature.


But BONFIRE also addresses the way in which people are moving further and further away from nature. They are destroying it and then feel the need to bring it back in a controllable way as a simulation using technology.


BONFIRE consists of a 5m high, three-dimensional arrangement of 162 light elements with over 20,000 individually controllable light points.


Artist: Christopher Bauder
Music and Sound Design: KlingKlangKlong
Production: WHITEvoid
Lighting Systems & Software: KINETIC LIGHTS

LED Candles: MORI London

Photos: Ralph Larmann

Video: Gerrit Piechowski / Frank Sauer

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