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GRID combines kinetic motion, light and electronic music  to create a giant audiovisual sculpture that hovers above the audience.

GRID symbolizes the merging of the digital and physical world. The kinetic installation is a tangible embodiment of a computer generated dynamic surface.

Like a chameleon, GRID continuously adopts new forms and colors. At times the installation  appears weightless, as a flying carpet woven from threads of light. At others, it becomes an alien vessel, threatening to dive and engulf the audience, only to dissolve into a crackling cloud shortly thereafter. GRID is enduring and fleeting at the same time, an endless transformation of dreamlike sequences.

A massive spatial sound system from HOLOPLOT spans the entire room. Every sound and musical element in Robert Henke’s composition is reproduced in direct relationship to the animation of the sculpture. This creates an almost synaesthetic impression that transports the visitors to another world.

GRID was first shown in 2013 at the Fete des Lumières Light Festival in Lyon.


Artist: Christopher Bauder
Music Composition: Robert Henke
Production: WHITEvoid
Motorized Lighting Systems & Software: KINETIC LIGHTS
3D Sound System: HOLOPLOT

Photos: Ralph Larmann / WHITEvoid

Video: Gerrit Piechowski / Frank Sauer

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