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DARK MATTER is a place for everyone. We are happy about great diversity: Berliners, tourists, families, daycare and school classes, students, seniors, artists, creative people and much more. It is very important to us to make it possible for people of all ages, origins, skin color, sexual orientation and physical impairments to visit us in an extraordinary but uncomplicated way.

In order to provide all our guests with a unique experience at DARK MATTER, we ask you to pay attention to the following rules:


1. Opening hours: Notices and public announcements apply. The booked time slots are binding and non-transferable. You will find the ticket regulations separately under TICKETS. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help you on site. In special cases we will try to offer you an alternative, but there is no right to a replacement in case of no-shows or delays. 


2. Please make sure that your cell phones are switched to silent mode in the rooms. In order for all visitors to enjoy a relaxing stay, we ask you to avoid the use of cell phones (except for taking pictures without flash).


3. Photography is only allowed without flash. Any commercial exploitation of films and photos taken on the premises of DARK MATTER requires the written permission of the management. DARK MATTER may eventually also issue general bans on photography for exhibitions and exhibition rooms or individual objects. 


4. Please maintain the necessary distance from the installations. Exceptions are the installations TONE LADDER and POLYGON PLAYGROUND. Here interaction is expressly desired and therefore these installations may be entered and touched. We are especially pleased to welcome our younger guests and ask the accompanying persons to ensure a safe distance and consideration for other visitors at all times.


5. You are liable within the framework of the legal regulations for the damages caused by you or those entrusted to you. In case of intentional and negligent triggering of the alarm devices or disturbances that require the interruption of the event, the responsible visitors will bear the costs incurred.


6. Please take care of your wardrobe and other private objects. Do not leave any bags or the like unattended in the exhibition area. There are lockers in our entrance area, which you are welcome to use during opening hours. We are not liable for lost or damaged items. If you have found or forgotten items in the rooms or on the exhibition grounds, please inform us. We will be happy to help you.


7. Smoking is prohibited in the entire exhibition area. The use of e-cigarettes, shisha and e-shisha or similar is also covered by the smoking ban. Of course the consumption of drugs is strictly forbidden in general, the excessive consumption of alcohol is included here. Persons suspected of being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol may be denied entry.


8. The consumption of food and beverages is prohibited on the premises.


9. Animals, with the exception of trained assistance dogs, are not allowed on the entire premises.


10. For your safety the premises are also under video surveillance. 


The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. In special situations, these instructions may go beyond the instructions for conduct already listed in these house rules. In the event of violations of these or disruptions to exhibition operations, the visitor may be required to leave the premises. In case of recurrence, the visit can be prohibited for a limited or unlimited period of time.


The employees of DARK MATTER are permitted to execute the householder's rights in the interest of the management.


Please be as calm and considerate as you would expect other visitors to be, so that everyone can have a good time at DARK MATTER.


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