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Dark Matter Berlin Ausstellung -Technik


DARK MATTER redefines the interfaces between technology, creativity and interaction in order to create space for personal sensory experiences.


The exhibition introduces new and technical concepts, most of which will be made visible to the public for the very first time.

The employed technologies, such as KINETIC LIGHTS' computer-controlled synchronized winches and light elements, and the completely new HOLOPLOT 3D soundsystem, represent the absolute highest levels of modern technology. The groundbreaking combination makes DARK MATTER a unique high-tech location for audiovisual spatial experiences. DARK MATTER also functions as a research laboratory in which the interactions between these new technologies can be further analyzed and optimized. Each visit is thus a snapshot of what is currently technically possible and at the same time an outlook on the media technologies of the future.

It is only through the cooperation of the companies involved that DARK MATTER can become an experience that reaches the extreme limits of what is technically possible. And in some cases, becoming something that even redefines these possibilities.

1000 sqm














KINETIC LIGHTS combines state-of-the-art lighting technology with exclusive design.

Most of DARK MATTER’s installations are based on developments by the innovative lighting technology manufacturer KINETIC LIGHTS, which have been either specially adapted or newly developed for the exhibition.


KINETIC LIGHTS is the world's leading producer of ‘kinetic lighting’, the specialized suspension of light elements in a wide variety of shapes which are artfully synchronized with the help of computer-controlled motorized winches. Within any particular space, the large-format floating light sculptures are comprised of hundreds, if not thousands of individual units.

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The company has been constructing kinetic lighting systems for international productions for more than ten years. All automation and lighting systems from KINETIC LIGHTS are developed, planned, manufactured and programmed exclusively in Germany. The products are primarily used in architectural installations, music clubs, and at international stage shows.


Combining state-of-the-art technology with an artistic approach, KINETIC LIGHTS has developed a completely new lighting aesthetic that is unique to the art, event and entertainment industry worldwide.


HOLOPLOT offers unlimited possibilities for incredible sound experiences.

Giving every listener an unparalleled and memorable sound experience – this has been HOLOPLOT’s purpose since day one. Based on the guiding principle “Make every seat the best seat” the technology of the Berlin audio specialist offers outstanding studio sound quality throughout the audience area as well as unrivaled authenticity of the audio content – it thus elevates the definition of “immersive” to a new level.

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The deep tech company HOLOPLOT has dedicated years of intensive research and development to attain realization of this vision. The result: A radically new, groundbreaking audio system that creates a product category in its own right in order to overcome the limitations of modern professional sound reinforcement systems. A technology that reshapes sound waves and optimizes them such that sound is targeted and projected exclusively to where it is desired – tailored to the individual circumstances and requirements of each installation. A tool that enriches the sound scenery with lifelike, clearly localizable audio objects – in perfect harmony with visual show elements. 


HOLOPLOT Audio Systems offer practical performance benefits plus endless creative freedom – thus making a huge difference when transforming the ambitious and visionary DARK MATTER project into a multidimensional experience of light, space, and sound.

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Through the support of our strong partners we can offer our visitors a unique experience at the highest technical standard. As a result, DARK MATTER becomes a memorable audiovisual experience always at the cutting edge of technology.

Thank you very much!


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