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With his latest art installation FLOW, light artist Christopher Bauder is once again lighting up the Berlin night this summer. Dutch musician Chris Kuijten composed the multi-channel, immersive soundtrack.

The large-format work will be on display at the outdoor area of DARK MATTER from 31 May to 29 September from sunset as part of SOMMERLIGHTS 2024.


31 MAY - 29 SEPTEMBER 2024

FLOW describes the exhilarating feeling of complete immersion and total absorption in a seemingly endless moment. FLOW describes the state of total detachment, a state in which you forget space and time. You are in the moment and completely absorbed in it.

The state of FLOW is as easy and natural as breathing. This vague yet concrete feeling of being in FLOW is what we long for in life. Everything is in perfect balance. We forget time. We lose ourselves. FLOW is a fleeting moment of stillness where everything fits, everything makes sense and the world is simply beautiful. FLOW changes and yet is so light, so deeply rooted in us and as simple as breathing. 

The gigantic light art sculpture is made up of 1,000 partially movable lights with over 30,000 individually controllable light points. The computer-generated, floating sculpture glows in infinite shapes and patterns, as if organically drawn by nature, yet technically perfect. Endless waves breaking on a distant beach, the water moving towards the visitor, then receding, only to approach again with the next wave. A constant up and down, back and forth. Everything is in motion and flux, everything changes, nothing stays the same, and yet in that moment you feel suspended and in FLOW.

The light installation consists of a 45 minute show that repeats throughout the evening after sunset. There are no fixed start times, you can come at any time and stay as long as you like.

Production: WHITEvoid & DARK MATTER Berlin



Christopher Bauder is a German artist and designer who creates large scale art installations and performances to explore the effects of light and sound on human perception and emotion. After studying media arts at the Berlin University of the Arts, he founded the interdisciplinary studio WHITEvoid in 2004. There he collaborates with an international team in the fields of architecture, design, software and engineering. Bauder is best known for his citywide light art installation "LICHTGRENZE", which he created with his brother Marc in 2014 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Photo: Olivier Rimbon Foeller



Chris Kuijten, a Dutch composer and producer, delves passionately into the realms of contemporary and electronic music. His musical odyssey commenced with a lot of experience on an array of instruments including piano, flute, saxophone, and clarinet, establishing a sturdy foundation for his artistic expedition. Yet, it was his intrigue with electronic equipment that ignited the flames of his creativity and propelled him into a journey of sonic discovery. The boundless potential presented by samplers, computers, and other electronic tools became his canvas, driving him to perpetually explore novel avenues in music composition.




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10317 Berlin - Lichtenberg


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