SOMMERLIGHTS feels honoured to welcome some serious artists for this Saturday night: Mimi Love, Sven Dohse and Some Chemistry will make for an unforgettable night under STALACTITE and the starry sky. Mimi is known for her tear-inducing sets – her “Love Sound” –, while Sven Dohe is one of the key figures in shaping Berlin's unique sound. Some Chemistry will round off the evening with electropical soytrance from Amsterdam.





She asks her listeners to close their eyes and open their hearts, so they can feel the love – Mimi Love. Her sound is electronically nomadic, influenced by the world and people around her. Whether it's a hypnotic pop sound or a more down-to-earth tempo, her music always arrives with big feelings and sincerity. This is house music for dancers who love to dance, and lovers who love to love.

Mimi Love's career began at the iconic Bar25 in Berlin, where she played dreamy downbeat disco. But soon the bar's "four-on-the-floor" sound seduced her, and with a new romance on her shoulder and a myriad of number one fans urging her on, Mimi Love took off into outer space. Today she travels Europe, America, and The Pacific - despite being firmly planted in ripe Berlin soil.

She is associated with the Bachstelzen Collective and her tear-inducing sets at festivals like Garbicz, she's never far away from playing what has come to be known as her "Love Sound" to crowds of adoring fans. With a taste for exotic fruits and disco dust, Mimi Love is always leaving people wanting more.


Mimi Love has always been a rebel, lacing the hedonistic Berlin electronic scene with her stilt walking magic and hands-on carpentry for clubs. Today, she radiates her shiny inner light into music, creating dancers with her touch. Genres are just boxes - Mimi Love plays moods.


If you talk to anyone who was into Techno in the mid-90s in Hamburg or Northern Germany, they'll tell you rave reviews about this man and his underground clubs, semi-legal festivals, and legendary sets. He was known for playing a perfectly blended mix of 4/4 bass drums that would never end.

If you ask anyone in Berlin about Sven Dohse, they'll tell you he's one of the key figures in shaping the city's unique sound. A passion for music and an ear for what's new has led him to play records at world-famous clubs like Bar 25 and Ritter Butzke, as well as organising successful event series like Bachstelzen and Klangsucht. Though he shies away from media attention, his contribution to Berlin's nightlife is undeniable.

Sven Dohse is not only dedicated to music, but also to politics and charity. He regularly plays at charity events to support various causes, and his involvement with big festivals like Fusion or Nation Of Gondwana helps raise awareness of important issues. In addition, he has international appeal, appearing in places like Stockholm, Zurich and Istanbul.

Starting in the mid-90s, he also began delving into the musical genres of Downtempo / Future Jazz and Freestyle Breakbeats with Malte Möller (a.k.a Waldmeista) under the Conzooma moniker. He later focused on these styles with his solo project Don Shtone, which was introduced to the world in 2000 with the album "Serious Fool Music" on Cylence Records. This was followed by his next album, "Beware Of The Cat", which came out through Off in 2007.

Sven Dohse is a world-renowned DJ and producer who has been wowing audiences for years with his massive sets. He's also the founder of Prestige Weltweit, his own label where he releases music that reflects his personal vision. No matter what genre or style, Sven always puts his overflowing creativity in everything he does.


After conducting an amateur drum ensemble over in Burkina Faso, Some Chemistry became a guitar player in several indie-punk bands throughout The Netherlands and ultimately became infected by the sound of Amsterdam’s underground clubbing scene by the mid 2000’s. He immersed himself into a true ambassador of dance in Amsterdam by the early 2010’s. As a DJ he easily switches between a melodramatic kind of indie house, dreamy balearic grooves, a pinch of disco or ultimately, to simply put it; a mix of italo and techno.


To describe the music from Some Chemistry, you can compare it with the experience of eating a mango: Difficult to eat, yet incredibly tasty. That's how electropical soytrance from Amsterdam sounds. Some Chemistry released on Bordello A Parigi, Me Me Me and Wrong Era amongst others.