Pachamama is a community of lovers & dreamers who share a deep passion for music, dancing, and sharing looks across the dance floor. The spacemen for this night are Arnau Amatista and Audae with partly oriental, partly organic downtempo.


FRIDAY, 24 JUNE 2022



Arnau Amatista is the new musical project from the Barcelonian Arnau Montserrat. Armed with a degree in audiovisual engineering, he moved to Berlin to connect and share projects with artists from the city and discover new sounds and musical experiences. There, he met the Love Foundation collective, where he has since become a member and resident at their parties. 


In 2014, with his partner David Calvo, electronic music duo Apocapoc was formed and they have performed at various clubs in Berlin and Barcelona such as Mensch Meier, Barts or Rosi's. Since 2015 he has created musical productions for performance and artistic installations which have been presented in spaces such as Sónar Festival or the historical Volksbühne in Berlin.  


Are you looking for a new and exciting musical experience? Then look no further than Arnau Amatista's innovative fusion of psychedelic sounds of the 70s, Latin American, Oriental, and digital sounds. It’s down tempo groove with the energy of the digital instruments characteristic of the Berlin Tech House. This unique blend will transport you to a world of happiness and energy, where all that matters is the present moment.


Audae is a talented DJ and producer of downtempo music who has recently arrived in Berlin. Hailing from the south of France, she is truly fascinated by grounded groovy beats combined with dark bass lines and crazy synth sounds - something that can take you on an otherworldly journey into her own galaxie. Inspired by nature, Audae loves to mix organic sounds with electronic elements and vocals to create unique and captivating tracks.