Unpolished with their fat acid basslines and Frag Maddin with his weakness for drum machines: musicians well worth listening to accompany the 16-metre-high light installation STALACTITE this Thursday evening at SOMMERLIGHTS. A very special experience of light and music.





Marcel and Linus, the guys behind Unpolished, quickly found an inner connection during their first spontaneous b2b sessions in 2018. They developed a distinctive flow with which they captured the hearts of the audience.


2021 have created their very own sound in the studio: raw, fast and unpolished, but always built on a solid foundation of house music. They effortlessly mix fat acid basslines with disco-heavy 130 BPM bangers or – if the mood allows it – sweet and dreamy pads.


True art is not only the product in itself, but also the ephemeral moment when the artist is possessed by a creative impulse. Ideas flow freely and merge creativity and emotion without the artist having to think too much. When the artist manages to retain that "Nullpunkt" or frame of reference in their artwork, it becomes a hommage to that original moment. That is what Frag Maddin understands as true art. The product becomes a homage to that moment.


In an interview for “Fresh” Frag Maddin once said about himself: “As a drummer, I have a great affinity for rhythm, that is, in an electronic context, a weakness for drum machines. When they are used innovatively, I can get pee-pee in my eyes. If the musical background is also right, trippy if you like, then I am blown away.