With Jana Falcon and Frozilla, two excellent DJs make STALACTITE shine - and the crowd dance: One has quasi grown up in the legendary club Robert Johnson. The other has been a fixture of Berlin nightlife for seven years and pushes his label LowMoneyMusicLove during the day. Jana plays 20:00 to 23:00 Frozilla 23:00 to 2:00.





Jana Falcon is an up-and-coming DJ with a unique sound. She blends bopping beats and cut-up vocals with an irresistible pop appeal. Growing up in the 1990s, Jana was exposed to Euro Dance, UK Garage, and 2 Step music. The greater Frankfurt area became her home base, and she quickly developed a reputation as a wild party girl in the famous "Robert Johnson" Club.

Around 2008 she wanted more and became a regular at Berlin's kingdom of House Music Madness – Panorama Bar. Around 2008, she began collecting Vinyl records and started DJing in small clubs and bars. Soon after, she enrolled in the SAE institute where she learned to produce high-quality tracks. In December 2014, Mr. Fonk of “Smile for a while” approached her with an opportunity to collaborate - which has since resulted in great success!


As her DJing skills gradually improved, she began to play more and more regular gigs at venues like Humboldthain, Weekend, Loftus Hall, Anita Berber and many others. Her DJ sets combine eclectic UK Garage and oldschool House tunes with modern, synth-driven House tunes as well as deep & discoid tracks. Even though she has a broad range of influences, she's still able to maintain a signature sound that is instantly recognizable - something many DJs struggle with throughout their careers.


Moses Mawila, the guy behind Frozilla, is a Berlin-based entrepreneur, curator, DJ and producer who is active in the city's music and creative industries. He has been organising events since 2013 in cities such as Frankfurt and Amsterdam, travelling across Europe and Asia with showcases for his record label "LowMoneyMusicLove". As managing partner of LowMoneyMusicLove, he has been overseeing the company's operations since 2013.

Since moving to Berlin in 2016, Moses has quickly made a name for himself by working at a renowned booking agency and developing his own concepts for events in the city's club scene. He has established himself as an integral part of Berlin's nightlife and economy through collaborations with different clubs and continued support of his seven-year-old record label. 


He plans to continue developing his ideas and take the next step in his vision to make a lasting impact on the city. He also wants to encourage young, local artists to collaborate on more ambitious projects. By doing this, he hopes to change the city scene to one that is more open and inclusive. Ultimately, he strives to leave a positive legacy in years to come.