Moody Mehran takes over the introduction to the evening, playing his wide range of electronic music until 23:00. Then legend Nick Höppner, one of Berghain residents, delights STALACTITE with his mature, confident approach and depth of character.





Moody Mehran walks a quite individual path when it comes to his musical inspiration. Although his roots as a DJ derive from the love for Chicago House, nowadays he ranges most of the electronic music spectrum. All the variables in his taste do have one major thing in common; finding and sharing real, authentic and exceptional records that have, or will, stand the test of time. 


Nick Höppner is one of the backbones of today's house and techno underground, standing out as a unique, long-serving and truly dedicated figure in the electronic music world. To immerse oneself within Nick's typically extended DJ sets rewards multi-faceted discoveries. Always telling a tale, weaving an exciting path across his chosen musical spectrum - whether it's a tough, raw and energetic house-party set, a dramatic big-room techno adventure, or anything in between – Nick's mature, confident approach and depth of character sets him apart from his contemporaries behind the decks.


His open minded love and knowledge of music, along with a professional background working as editor for the important Groove magazine, led to his position as manager for Berghain/Panoramabar's in-house label, Ostgut Ton (2005 - 2012).